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When you are planning the look and atmosphere of your wedding it is sometimes hard to find the right words to properly described your vision.  On the flip side of that issue is when your fiance tells you “I am seeing our reception as a romantic, garden setting with a touch of vintage Asian influence.”  What exactly does that mean?  Well- we have the dictionary to help you navigate the wedding style maze!

Style Terminology:

Antique: pertaining to fashion or art more than 99 years old

Art Deco: A decorative and architectural style of the period 1925-1940,characterized by geometric designs, bold colors, and the use of plastic and glass.

Artistic: conforming to the standards of fine art and fine craftsmanship

Asian: drawing inspiration from Asia, its culture or its language

Beachy: including elements of the beach or ocean

Bohemian: pertaining to the life of a bohemian; a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices

Boho Chic: Including elements of bohemian-style fashions

Casual: relaxed and without formality

Chic: cutting edge style based in current fashions

Classic: including elements of high class traditions or of expected high class norms

Contemporary: present time and modern

Country: including elements typical of country living; unpolished or rustic

Dainty: delicate in appearance

Dapper: stylish, neat and fashionable, usually pertaining to fashion

Delicate: fine in texture, color or construction

Elegant: refined, constructed simply but of the highest quality

Eclectic: drawing inspirations from several sources of art or interior design

French: drawing inspiration from the country of France, its culture or its language

Fresh: youthful, healthy and un-spoiled

Garden: relating to cultivated nature and outdoor environments

Glamorous: romantically attractive and alluring

Gothic: relating to an architectural style derived from medieval Gothic

Green: Concerned with preserving the natural environment of the Earth

Hollywood: styled along the lines of a Hollywood or American film

Homemade: made at home and by hand

Hip: concerned with current trends in art, fashion, food and music

Luxe: elegant and sumptuous

Minimalist: extremely simplistic in the style, color and/or texture

Modern: style of current trends and fashions

Pop Art: a movement in modern art that imitates the methods, styles, and themes of popular culture and mass media.

Punk: fashion and design inspired by the Punk rock music movement

Quaint: having old- fashioned charm and a pleasing but simple appearance

Relaxed: easy or relaxed nature

Retro: pertaining to fashion or art at less than 40 years old

Romantic: characterized by the idealizing of one’s love

Rustic: including elements typical of country living or farm life

Simple: lacking ostentation or display

Shabby: showing conspicuous signs of wear and use

Swank: showy, fashionable and elegant

Themed: a unifying or dominant idea

Tropical: pertaining to the culture in tropical climates including art, fashion and food

Tuscan: pertaining to the culture in the Tuscan region of Italy including art, fashion and food

Unique: having no equal; unparalleled; incomparable

Victorian: referring  to the style of architecture, culture and fashion popular in Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria

Vintage: pertaining to fashion or art at least 40 years old but less than 99 years old

Whimsical: fanciful and light-hearted

Rockabilly: fashion and design inspired by the Rockabilly music movement

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