Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Spend some time thinking about potential wedding day mishaps and troubleshoot them accordingly.  Packing an emergency kit to deal with any problems that may arise will make your day go smoother should anything go wrong. Keep these items where the bridal party will be getting ready in a tote bag or a Rubbermaid container.  Make sure to place essential items in an evening bag for the bride.

Fashion Emergency

Shoe polish (black)
Extra nylons (nude)
Dress socks (black)
Sewing kit (should include black and white thread, thread to match bridal party dresses, hem fix tape, needles, black buttons, small scissors and safety pins)
Static cling spray
Lint brush
Earring backs
Extra pair of flat shoes for the Bride
Wrinkle out spray (test first!)
Health and Beauty
Body powder
Dental floss
Clear nail polish
Bride’s color nail polish
Nail file
Nail glue
Nail polish remover
Hair spray/hair gel
Bobby Pins/pony tail holders
Brush and comb
Make-up bag (with all of the essentials)
Make-up remover
Cotton swabs
Breath mints
Hand lotion
Lip Balm
Contact lenses solution

Keep up your energy

Power bars
Protein shake
Quick energy snacks (nuts, crackers, pretzels)
Bottled water/clear Gatorade (HYDRATE!!)

Dirt Happens

Shout wipes (test first!)
Baby wipes (test first!)
Tide pen (test first!)
Small stiff brush (great for removing loose dirt from the bride’s dress)

The Doctor is in!

Small first aide kit (include band-aids and antiseptic)
Smelling salts (in case someone faints)
Eye drops
Prescribed medications
Allergy medication/ cold remedy
Cough drops (Luden’s doesn’t have a medicinal smell)
Off wipes (to keep mosquitoes at bay)

Just in Case

Cash (small bills for tips)
Charged cell phone (turn it off before the ceremony!)
Disposable camera
Drivers license/credit card/check book
Map to the reception
Wedding day timeline
Umbrella (if rain is in the forecast)
Small flashlight
Roll of quarters (for parking meters and vending machines)
List of important phone numbers (family, bridal party, wedding professionals, taxi company)
Extra car keys
Corsage/boutonniere pins
Lighter (for candles and celebratory cigars)
Small folding utility knife

Image by Cooper Carras

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