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We finally had our engagement party.  It was SO FUN! As you may remember we had given our party a theme of “The Hangover”, and boy did our family and friends take it and run. My Aunts and Grandmother made food and lent us furniture. My Dad some how came up with an honest-to-goodness blackjack table for people to play blackjack at and some of Will’s guy friends even made themselves shirts with quotes directly from the movie!

My mother and I spent the few days leading up to the party decorating, arranging furniture, and COOKING! Among the amazing culinary delights were Man Purse Empanadas, from scratch mini cupcakes in three different flavors, and margarita flavored jello shots (a sleeper success since they were ALL gone by the end of the night).

The best part of the night, hands down, was the photobooth we set up in one of the closets. People had so much fun! Everybody, from Will’s 14 year old sister to my 80 year old Grandmother had a great time posing with the different props and other family and friends. I had people come up to me and request that there be a photobooth at the wedding because they had so much fun. That makes me so happy.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the photo booth:

Thank you to everyone who travelled from near and far (Canada!) to make this weekend special. I can’t wait for the wedding!



  • Reply June 1, 2011


    I made it on the blog!! woo (instant internet fame)!!! This party was a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!! Everything was fantastic and there were so many awesome photo ops including Amber wearing pretty much every single prop from the photo booth and the floating jello shot tray that Will’s friends made out of a paper plate and balloons :] Cant wait to see how great the wedding will be!!

  • Nice one, Hangover theme rocks! I like the shirt too. I bet you guys had a great time on your engagement party. Good luck and rock on!

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