Sola Flower Bridal Bouquet DIY Tutorial

Sola flower wedding bouquet tutorial

Permanent bridal bouquets are fast becoming more and more trendy as savvy brides realize how practical a bridal bouquet made of permanent botanicals and alternative materials can be.

There are many reasons you could choose to carry a bouquet made from sola flowers, like the one we are showing you how to make here, on your wedding day.  Destination wedding?  Pack this bouquet up and travel.  Allergic to fresh flowers and other plants?  Make this cute bouquet and stay “a-choo” free on your wedding day.  Getting married on the face-of-the-sun?  No wilting violets in this bouquet!

Have fun and drop me a comment if you have questions. Sola flower wedding bouquet tutorial

 Sola Flower Wedding Bouquet

 3 Silk hydrangea- ivory

15 Carnation sola flowers

15 Gardenia sola flower

30 white pipe cleaners

5-1 Inch rhinestone buttons

Yarn- sage green, dusty pink and coral

3 yards 2 inch wide velvet ribbon- ivory

1 Foot ¼” wide velvet ribbon- ivory

6 Sprays vintage style velvet leaves- light green

22 Gauge florist wire

Corsage tape- light green

Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks

Design Master Sprays- Prairie Green, Perfect Pink and Coral

Start your bouquet by prepping your sola flowers. Divide your sola flowers into four piles. Spray ¼ Coral, ¼ Prairie Green, ¼ Perfect Pink and leave ¼ the natural ivory color. Give the flowers a light brush of color.  Concentrate most of color on the tips of the petals, allowing the color to lighten as it fades into the center of the flower.

Sola flower wedding bouquet tutorial

The next step is attaching the pipe cleaners to the sola flowers.  Bend the end of the pipe cleaner so there is a small hook on one end.  Hot glue the pipe cleaner to the backside of the sola flowers.

Sola flower wedding bouquet tutorial

Gather the hydrangeas in a dome shape (remove any leaves) and tape them together with the corsage tape.  Pull the sola flowers through the gathered hydrangeas.  You will want to make sure the bouquet maintains an even, dome shape and has a pleasing dispersion of color.

Prep your velvet leaf sprays by removing them from the main stem into smaller groups of three.  Hot glue the leaf clusters evenly throughout the bouquet.

Sola flower wedding bouquet tutorial

Make small bows out of yarn.  Wire the rhinestones into the center of the yarn bows.  Place rhinestone and yarn accents evenly throughout the bouquet.

Make four looped bows out of the wide velvet ribbon.  Collar the underneath of the bouquet with the ribbon bows.  Make five bows from  the yarn.  Place the yarn bows underneath the velvet bows.  Tape the bows to the stem of the bouquet using corsage tape.  Wrap the stem of the bouquet in alternating color blocks of yarn.  Add an accent of three velvet leaves and a small velvet bow to the base of the handle of the bouquet.

So what do you think?  Would you carry this or a different alternative bridal bouquet on your wedding day?

Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas

Shannon is a special event floral designer with 27 years experience. She can most often be found tapping away on her laptop, wielding floral clippers with uncanny precision or trying to convince her husband of 20 years and two sons to take her out to dinner.


  • Reply September 17, 2013

    MS Flower Shop

    Very attractive! I like the way you arranged the flowers. The combination is perfect!

    • Shannon
      Reply September 17, 2013


      Thank you so much!

  • Reply September 18, 2013

    MS Flower Shop

    I have seen this picture several times but I keep on looking at it. It looks so pretty. I love it!

    • Shannon
      Reply September 19, 2013


      Thank you so much! I just loved making this bouquet too.

  • Reply October 1, 2013


    This gotta be one of the best bouquets i have ever seen, thank you

  • Reply January 5, 2014


    I love the bouquet, but I’m having the hardest time finding sola flowers. Where did you get them?

  • Reply January 26, 2014


    What made you choose Design Master Sprays as opposed to regular spray paint or just acrylic paints? Do you think there are any other paint alternatives that may work just as well?

    • Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas
      Reply January 26, 2014

      Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas

      Hi Chloe- Thanks for your questions! Acrylic paints could be used but you would get a much heavier and less smooth color on the flower. I was going for a airbrushed, almost transparent, look to the color on the sola flower. I like working with Design Master paints best for a few reasons. The colors of the paints are based on nature and have a more natural palette. Also, they are pigment rich so you get a nice even color. Design Master sprays are formulated so the color builds on itself as you apply more coats. If you want a transparent look just use one coat or for an opaque look you can apply more coats of the paint. I hope this helps!

  • Reply January 29, 2014


    I love how natural you were able to make the sola flowers look. Could you explain a bit more how you got the natural gradient in the color. I understand the color builds as you apply more coats, but how do you isolate the application to just the tips? Do you cover while you spray, apply with a brush, are you just amazing with a spray can or some combination of the three? :-)

    Thanks so much!

    • Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas
      Reply January 29, 2014

      Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas

      Hi! I do not cover or mask the flower when spraying. The first coat is just a very light coat of paint with the can pointed straight at the flower. I do not cover the petals completely. Just a blush of color. I allow it to dry. Then I go back and spray on more color but this time I am angling the so the tips of the petals come in contact with the paint as I spray. I never really spray down into the center of the flower. That way the center does not get as much color and stays more ivory. I hope this helps and thanks for your questions!

  • Reply February 9, 2014


    Hello! I love this bouquet and am looking into making a similar one for my wedding. I was wondering, why did you incorporate silk hydrangeas into the bouquet? Thank you!! Lovely tutorial!!

    • Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas
      Reply February 10, 2014

      Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas

      The hydrangeas act as a base and filler for the bouquet. Because you insert the sola flowers through the hydrangea, it helps to space the sola flowers as well.

  • Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas

    Design Master does not really have a great mint color. There is a Robins Egg that might work.

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