Sacramento Wedding- The Trust Factor

Recently, I was asked by a bride to describe my favorite wedding. I thought of all the Northern California weddings I have designed flowers for over the years and I realized my favorite weddings had a sense of community and trust between the bridal couple and their hired wedding professionals. As a team the bride, groom and the professionals worked together to make a memorable event happen. Big or small budget-it didn’t really matter. It was the feeling of teamwork and trust that made the wedding planning process and day so wonderful.

I designed the wedding flowers for Christy and John’s wedding last June.  I had so much fun working with them. They certainly made their style and vision known but they also gave me some design leeway to be creative and make the wedding flowers for their event truly stunning. I was excited by the little touches and elements I had added and I knew Christy would love. As a result of the trust between the couple and myself,  the flowers for the wedding flowers were more than they had dreamed.

When I have a design partnership with the couple, it gives me the freedom to choose the most bountiful and gorgeous flowers available. I feel free to choose a few extra special touches to take the floral designs from the realm of just pretty to truly stunning.  That is true for all your wedding professionals.  Do not feel you need to hold on to everything so tight.  Loosen up and trust and you will be pleasantly surprised how the people you have hired to make your wedding day happen can also make magic happen.

Images by True Love Photo

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