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What to do with all the gently and never-used items after the wedding day is over?  Do they moulder away in a box in the back of your closet, gathering dust, until the day they get shipped off to Goodwill or are plopped down, curb-side at your new Mother-in-law’s bi-annual garage sale.

Why not list the items on one of following websites so another lucky bride can enjoy your wedding largess and you can pocket a bit of scrilla?  Good for you, good for her, good for the planet and good for your closet space. Win, win, win and WIN!  duh…

Searching for items for your wedding?  Consider looking over the many ways you can connect with people looking to sell.  You can save a little or a lot of money depending on what you are in the market for.  Wedding dresses, for example, can be a place you can save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars if you are willing to go the pre-owned route.

What I like about BrideShare is it is set up like a social networking site.  So you can search for other brides that share your venue, colors or other wedding commonalities.

At my own wedding in 1994, I was able to contact the bride who’s wedding was the day after mine.  We shared the cost of the chairs for our ceremony.  It was an easy way to save a tidy sum of money.

Set up like a more traditional classified ad, RecycledBride, is an easy website to search for items for your wedding.  Just search by categories to find the deeply discounted treasures.

PreOwnedWeddingDresses is a site dedicated to selling samples, used and sometimes new wedding gowns and accessories.  The discounts on the gowns are usually between 25-55%!

Also set up by category, 100 Layer Cake’s Marketplace is an easy resource to search and use.  You will find everything from photo booth backdrops to wedding gowns all for your purchasing pleasure.

WeddingBee’s classified section is set up in a forum format with the most current listing appearing at the top of the list.  Plus side- a lot of info at a glance.  Down side- no pictures until you click on the advertisement.

Ruffled’s Recycle Your Wedding section is easy to use- the most current listings appear at the top with a picture.  Down side- no date on the listing so you cannot tell how long ago an item was posted.

Please, be smart when dealing with transactions.  Craigslist has a wonderful primer on how to avoid scams and scammers when handling transactions on line.

I hope I have inspired you to either sell or purchase some wedding related items.  Happy hunting!

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