Northern California Wedding Tips- Folding a Pocket square- Judy Loves It!

This past weekend I was delivering boutonnieres to the Groom’s hotel suite.  I walked in to a sea of slightly panicked faces.  ”Do you know how to fold a pocket square?” the bravest of the group asked quickly.  Lucky for them, I do.  The funny part is that was not the first time I have been asked to fold the pocket squares for the male counterpart of the wedding party.

So I thought it would be good to turn to my favorite manly website- The Art of Manliness for a pocket square tutorial.

Just a few tips-

*Consider a formal wear dry run for your man.  Do his shoes hurt?  Does he know how to wear a bow tie?  Does he know how to put on cufflinks?  If he has any wardrobe issues deal with it before the big day.  It will mean less stress for him on the wedding day.

*If you are renting the men’s finery double and triple check the tuxedos and suits when you pick them up.  You would be surprised how often there is a problem with the rentals the day of the wedding.  In fact, about 90% of the weddings I work with one or more of the guys had a problem with their tuxedo rentals.  Wrong sizes, wrong suits, wrong colors- it can, and likely will, happen.

*Send the guys with a small sewing kit.  I swear- tuxedo buttons are are sewn on with a hope and a prayer.  More than once (like five or six times) I have had to re-attach a button for a groomsmen with a bit of florist’s wire.  Yikes!

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    Love it…this is the first I’ve seen of this video. I often see the gentlemen and start pulling out the pocket squares and re-doing them with the puff fold…I’m a pro at the puff! Thanks Judy!

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