Northern California Wedding Dress Inspirations- Judy Loves It!

The TV show Mad Men on the channel AMC is one of my very favorite shows.  Almost more than the story lines, I love the costumes, make-up,  set design and the set decor. When I read this interview with Mad Men character Margaret Sterling about the wedding dress she wore in last season’s The Grown-ups episode, I thought of y’all:

“The wedding dress that I wore was actually the costume designer’s mother’s wedding dress. She was very excited about that. She had a few for me to try on, but that was the one that she hoped would work, and then it fit me and she didn’t need to do any alterations.”

What a stunning dress!  I love the idea of re-using a wedding gown from the past.  But this can be a tricky maneuver to carry off correctly.

Fab head piece, right?

I actually considered wearing my mother’s wedding gown circa 1969 at my own wedding.  But there were the minor issues of my Mom’s height of  5’4′ to my height of  5’7 3/4 ” (I claim all the height I can get!) and the fact that I out weigh her by more than I care to mention.  There are many ways to carry a bit of the past with you down the aisle even if wearing a family heirloom gown is out of the question.

* Consult with a seamstress.  There might be a way the skirt or the bodice can be re-used and updated with new fabric.

* Wrap your bouquet handle in a piece of lace from the dress.

* Use the lace from the gown or veil to adorn your new gown or new veil.

* Use the fabric or lace to make a guest book or other accessories.

If the thought of cutting up the heirloom dress to repurpose it for your own wedding leaves you with a cold feeling in the pit of your stomach consider displaying the dress at your bridal shower or engagement party along side of pictures of the blushing bride in her wedding day finery.

Seriously, how can you not love this show? Season four of Mad Men starts on July 25th.  I will be ready with an Old Fashioned clinking merrily in my hand.

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