How to Make Paper Flowers-Perfect for Party Decorations

This is a super fun tutorial but it is a little long.  But stick with me and you will be s-o-o-o happy you did!

How to Make Paper Flowers

Stephanie from The Paper Garden in Town and Country Village, Sacramento, Ca taught me how to make these adorable paper flowers.  When you decide to under take this fun project go by The Paper Garden and check out their handmade paper selection.  They truly have a wonderful variety of Japanese hand-made papers.

Stephanie also teaches classes on how to make these flowers.  Looks like she has one scheduled for April 3, 2011. So if my step-by-step instructions do not cut it for you, go check out the class.

Materials List (for one large flower):


Glue gun and glue sticks



Wire cutters

Small pliers

Corsage tape


2 Large sheets of Japanese handmade paper (the papers can have the same pattern on them or be different.  Just make sure they coordinate with each other)

1- 8.5 x 11 sheet of colored card stock (choose a color that coordinates with your handmade papers)

Thin cardboard

Pipe cleaners

Florist wire

Inexpensive buttons (optional)

Gather your supplies.  A friendly crafting kitty can help with this step.

Making the Petals

You are going to cut out your patterns first.  You will need a pattern for the large petal and the small petal.

Draw the petals (you can free had draw them.  You can do it, I know you can!) on to the thin cardboard.  You will be drawing the petals roughly in the shape of a cactus paddle.

The large petal is about 9 inches long and 7 inches wide.

The small petal in about 7 inches long and 4.5 inches wide.

Trace the petals on to the back side of the sheets of handmade paper.

You will need enough cut-outs to make four large petals and four small petals.  Since each petal requires two cut-outs, you will need eight large cut outs and eight small cut outs.

Take two pipe cleaners (or chenille stems) and twist them together at one end and again at about 4 inches down.

Bend the pipe cleaners out so they forms a diamond shape.

Lay your twisted pipe cleaners on the blank side of one of you cut-outs and run a bead of hot glue all around the diamond shape of the pipe cleaners.

Run a bead of hot glue about a 1/4 of an inch in from the edge of the cut-out.

Place another cut-out on top so the blank sides are touching and the patterns are facing out.  Press them together and allow time for the glue to dry.

**Note:  work quickly during this step so the hot glue does not cool.  But please be careful and use the hot glue at your own risk.  I claim no liability for burned fingers or singed eyebrows.

Twist another pipe cleaner on to the end of the petal’s stem to extend the length and make it easier to put together.

Tape the stem of the petal with corsage tape.  You want to make sure you gather all the pipe cleaners together along with the end of the cut-out.  You can pinch the paper so you get a little gather.  It gives the petal some dimension.

Even up the edges by trimming around the outside edge of the finished petal.  You can give your petals a variation by making the edges “wavy”.

Repeat the same steps until you have 4 large petals and 4 small petals.

Making the Stamen

Cut your sheet of card stock in half the long way.

Fringe the card stock the entire length, leaving about 1 inch of the card stock uncut along the edge.

Take one pipe cleaner and place it a few cuts in from the edge of the card stock, bend it so it hooks into the paper fringe.

Start rolling the card stock around the pipe cleaner.

Stop after one rotation and place dab of hot glue on the solid area of the card stock to anchor the pipe cleaner in place.

Keep rolling the card stock, stopping occasionally and placing a dab of glue to anchor the stamen.

** Note:  as you are rolling  you will need to keep the ends as even as possible.

Using either your fingers or a pair of scissors curl the fringe of the stamen so it flares outward.

Optional step:

Hook and twist a single button on to a length of florist wire.

Place the button in the center of the stamen by thread it down into the middle of the curled paper fringes.

Tape the stem of the stamen with corsage tape.

Gather your petals together in a flower shape with the stamen in the center.

Tape the length of the gathered pipe cleaners to make the flower’s stem.

Pat yourself on the back!  You did it!

This is the flower with the button in the center.  It also has two stamens.   Be creative and switch it up.  Once you know the basic flower you can really make the project your own.

How about some ways you can incorporate paper flowers into your wedding decor?

From Jesi Haack Design
From Jesi Haack Design

My favies:

From Jesi Haack Design
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