Central Park Wedding Proposal- Judy Loves It!

I love this proposal.  I have always had a soft spot for imaginative and well thought out wedding proposals.  Frank, whomever he is, did it right!

When my husband asked me to marry him, it was with a lot less planning and forethought.  It went something like this:

Pre-hubs: I want to ask you something.

Judy: Uh, ok.  But make it quick.  Our house is full of people and they want me to blow out the candles on my birthday cake.

Pre-hubs: Will you marry me?

Judy: *pause*

Judy:  Yes.

Pre-hubs: Why did you pause before you said yes?

The truth was, I paused because I wanted to draw out the moment as long as I could.  I knew it was one of those, “once in a lifetime” moments and I wanted to savor it.

Sweet, right?  How did he ask you or how did you ask him?

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    On the beach in Costa Rica. On one of the few days by ourselves (We were visiting his family). We got there right before sunset, and I wanted to go for a walk. He made us some drinks to take with us and we were off! On our way back, he says to me, “I have to tell you something,” and then he proceded to tell me a joke!!! I was laughing, and then he dropped to one knee and proposed, with the ring he some how managed to sneak through airport and into his pocket before our walk. I felt my face get all hot and flushed, and I barely remember what he said, but it was awesome. My cheeks were aching from smiling so big. Thanks to the random man who walked by and took our picture for us.

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      Your story made me smile Amber! What a wonderful story!

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    That video is so full of awesomeness! Love it.

    My fiance planned a nice dinner for us at home – Caesar salad and cheese fondue – some of our favourite foods. I could tell he was nervous and he was having difficulty eating. Finally he couldn’t wait any longer, he grabbed my hand, looked in my eyes and asked me to marry him. It was very simple, sweet and honest.

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      Don’t you love the part when he tosses the ring to her? My heart jumped into my throat!

  • Reply November 19, 2010


    Such a cute proposal movie! My heart stop for a second when he threw the ring!

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