Bridalplasty- What the What?!

The E! channel is bringing a new low to woman-kind everywhere and they have named it “Bridalplasty”

The show will feature a group of women who are set to walk down the aisle in the near future.  The group of women will leave their fiancees and live in one house together for four months during which they will undergo a series of wedding related challenges in which they will be rewarded with a set of cosmetic procedures and be eliminated one by one.  The final bride standing will have received  countless plastic surgery procedures and a dream wedding.

Can you hear me over the croaking of the plagues of frogs and crickets and the galloping of the last horsemen of the apocalypse?

Sadly, I am not as surprised by this as one would think.  The wedding day has been touted as “The most important day of your life.”.  Is it really a shocker to anyone that some women would freak out and try to fix what they perceive as physical imperfections?

It is sad that these women felt like they needed to go to such extreme lengths to be beautiful on their wedding day, it is sad that E! would capitalize on their weakness and it is especially sad that anyone would watch this car-wreck of a TV show.

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