12 wedding guest complaints (and how to avoid them): Part One

One day, while pondering the vastness of the universe  I wondered, “What are the most common complaints voiced by wedding guests?”  I knew Lora Ward of A Day to Remember in Sacramento, Ca  would be just the wedding maven to answer my burning question.  Answer it she did!  Not only did she give me a list of 12 of the most common complaints of wedding guests, not from the guests at any of her weddings, mind you, but she handily gives us solutions to said problems.  Lora has been planning weddings her entire life (just kidding…sort of) so her advice is pure gold. Take it away LW!

Invitations that are received too early – If the invites are sent out too far in advance people tend to forget about the event. They put aside those RSVP cards with the intent of mailing them in, but then fall victim to “out of sight, out of mind.”  To avoid this situation, invitations should be mailed to guests no earlier than 6 to 7 weeks prior to the wedding day.

Gift registry insert cards – Some department stores thoughtfully provide you with cards for your invitations to inform your guests where you are registered.  Don’t use them!  It is socially incorrect to give guests little reminders to come bearing gifts to your wedding.  You are inviting guests to attend your nuptials and celebrate your wedding, not to give gifts!  It is best to spread gift registry information via word of mouth.  You can also put the information on your wedding website.

Summer heat in an outdoor setting- Garden weddings are a lovely, especially here in Northern California.  But if the sun is beating down on the guests, they will be uncomfortable and crabby (the altar and aisle flowers won’t be so happy either).  Visit your ceremony site prior to the wedding and note the exact location and intensity of the sun.   Then you can adjust the ceremony start time and location, if needed.  Provide market umbrellas or cute hand held paper parasols for some shade.  Set up a water station for guests to help themselves.  Programs as hand-fans are fun and a much appreciated help with our Northern California summer heat.

Make sure to check back next week for the second installment of this feature.  Thanks Lora! You are one in a million!

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